Crispy Pan Fried Fish
  1. Pat the fish dry on both sides. Season the fish well on both sides with salt and pepper.
  2. Mix the flour with paprika (or seasonings of choice) and garlic powder in shallow bowl. Coat fish on both sides with flour, pressing down into flour mixture so it adheres; shake to remove excess flour.
  3. Heat a heavy-bottomed sauté pan over medium-high heat and add enough oil to 1/4-inch depth. Swirl oil to coat the pan—it will heat within seconds. Add fish—it should sizzle when touches pan. Cook for 2 minutes until golden and crisp, pressing down gently; flip with spatula. Cook the other side for 2 minutes until crisp, then remove from pan when golden brown; drain on paper towels.
  4. Serve fish hot with lemon wedges, garnished with dill or parsley, and a tartar sauce, if using.
Recipe Notes

Notes: If it’s browning too quickly, remove pan from the stove briefly. If it’s stuck, don’t flip or move, it will release naturally once cooked to a golden brown (too much moving will break the fish apart).

Recipe courtesy of The United Soybean Board – Soy Connection,