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At The Height Of Fall

Mountain Fire Lookout Tower Will Elevate Your Autumn Experience There’s simply nothing quite like looking up at a canopy of Wisconsin’s brilliant fall foliage…except, perhaps, looking down over it. In Oconto County, home of Oconto Electric Cooperative, visitors can do just that by climbing the 132 steps up the historic Mountain Fire Lookout Tower for

The Reality of the Risk To Reliability

It wasn’t supposed to happen that way. It was a hot day in August 2003 when the United States experienced the largest blackout in the nation’s history. More than 50 million people lost power from Michigan to New York and even into Canada. While essential services remained in some areas, the worst-case scenario became a

Chance Encounter Leads Dunn Energy to Sponsor First Caregivers Conference in Dunn County

I met Stan and Mary Hensley when they came into the cooperative to buy a water heater. They said it wasn’t heating quite like it used to. Had they walked into any other for-profit business, they would have left with a water heater in the back of the truck and that would’ve been the end

Democratic Member Control

  September was a month of fulfilling Cooperative Principle Number 2, “Democratic Member Control.” The idea behind this principle is that cooperatives are democratic organizations controlled by their members. These members actively participate in setting policies and making decisions. The first step of this democratic control is having members express where they stand on issues

Seal In Savings with Efficient Exterior Doors

Q: I like the style of my front door, but it is drafty. Can you recommend ways to fix the drafts and make it more energy efficient? A: The front door of your home has a lot of meaning. It sets the stage for the home and is the first impression for your guests. Beyond

News Briefs

State Co-ops Mourn Death of Scenic Rivers Lineworker Electric cooperatives from across the state filled the streets of Gays Mills with bucket trucks Saturday, September 9, in honor of Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative lineworker Derrick Heisz, 45, who died Thursday, August 24, when he came into contact with an energized line. Co-op bucket trucks from