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Surprise from the skies

Eclipse had energy impact, but not as expected Any solar eclipse is at once fascinating and wholly predictable. That adds up to no more than a gee-whiz fun fact as

Helping Hands: Wisconsin pitches in for hurricane relief

Electric cooperatives have an honored tradition of assisting one another’s recovery efforts when severe weather damages a system beyond local capabilities for timely service restoration. This tradition of mutual assistance

Nothing holds a candle to these cabins

Deep in the wooded hills of Richland County, you’ll discover a little magic in the form of five enchanting cabins nestled amongst the trees. These charming dwellings form Candlewood Cabins,

Committed to all things big and small

Wisconsin’s electric cooperatives believe in neighbors helping neighbors. That’s just another way of saying we’re committed to our communities, and it’s central to everything we do. October is National Co-op

Fortunate for so many reasons

With the changing seasons and fall upon us, we’re harvesting the last garden vegetables and preparing for the farm crop harvest to reach full swing. We’re fortunate. In September we

Transmission buildout completed; ATC invests in developer; Stepp heading EPA region; Market changes pondered; Duke, others, exiting nuke projects

Transmission buildout completed The upper Midwest transmission grid’s biggest expansion in four decades was completed this summer with the final segment of CapX2020, a 70-mile, 345-kilovolt line between Big Stone