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Co-op Careers: a paycheck and a purpose

October highlights unique business model Every day, more than 75,000 men and women go to work at America’s electric cooperatives to keep the lights on for 42 million energy consumers in 47 states. It’s challenging work that offers more than a paycheck. Co-op employees go home each night knowing they’ve helped make their communities better

Ghosts and Ghouls Underground

Have some Halloween fun at Eagle Cave Eagle Cave in Blue River comes with a whole checklist of superlatives. As the state’s largest onyx cave, it’s a geological wonder. As Wisconsin’s first commercial cave, it’s historically significant. As part of Eagle Cave Resort in Blue River, a rustic campground tucked in the woods along the

Revenge of the ‘90s: Memories fade and a bad idea returns

This is a story about First World problems. Third World problems begin with availability of safe drinking water and electricity. Globally, billions have neither. To the average Third World individual, First World problems must seem almost comical. First World problems tend toward anxiety over retaining the comparatively easy existence we’ve enjoyed for most of the

Tackling the decline in rural voting through “Co-ops Vote”

During my 16 years as a state representative, I valued my relationship with the members of the rural electric cooperatives I represented. The members were always engaging on issues and they helped me be fully prepared to represent the issues that mattered to them in the legislature. With Election Day quickly approaching, America’s electric cooperatives