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Danger, Daring, Deceit

Richard “Dick” Sheehy was 21 years old when he took his place as a bombardier in a B-24 bomber on an airstrip in Italy, ready to embark on his third, and what would be his final, mission into enemy territory. It was May 18, 1944, and the destination was the city of Ploesti in Romania,

Walk of Honor

The original plan was a single memorial to honor Vietnam veterans but soon morphed into a veterans’ memorial park that rivals the monuments of Washington, D.C., and spans U.S. military conflicts throughout history. What started out as farm fields surrounded by picturesque hills south of Arcadia began, through the 1990s, and through present-day, to transform

Measure of Success

Touchstone Energy balloon brings joy to Viola Horse and Colt Show How do you measure success? Did you receive a passing grade? Accomplish a longstanding goal? Start your own business? Build a piece of furniture? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of success is “the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for.” I

Energy Efficiency Keeps Improving Even Through a Pandemic

Americans keep getting more efficient in their use of energy, a trend that’s even powered its way  through the pandemic. Experts are starting to publish energy statistics gathered from 2020, a year that seemed to upend every part of our lives, and energy was no exception. Last year saw a 7% drop in energy use

Together Again

A few of our readers have contacted me to ask why a magazine produced for your electric cooperative carried content relating to COVID-19 over the past few months. (An equal number of readers have contacted me to say thank you for sharing this vital information.) The simple fact is found in the Seven Cooperative Principles,

Larsen Elected to CFC Board | Hallgren Elected to Federated Rural Board | WECN Earns National Award | Dairyland Welcomes Third Partner to Nemadji Trail | PSC Increases Funds for Energy Grants

Shane Larson Elected to CFC Board Rock Energy CEO Shane Larson was elected to a three-year term on the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC) Board of Directors. Larson won the seat to represent District 5 at the NRECA Regions 5 & 6 meeting recently in Minneapolis. Larson has served as CEO of Rock