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Distinguished Service

Had he realized back in 1942 that he’d still be around seven decades after suffering multiple wounds in battle, Robert Lewis might have been more enthusiastic about military medical units. But a safe assignment as an Army medical clerk wasn’t the way the brand-new University of Wisconsin graduate wanted to serve in wartime. Bob Lewis

Toad-ally Unique

You can’t miss the Toad House. The bright yellow letters propped in front of this bakery/bistro/coffee shop/art gallery announce its presence loud and clear to anyone entering Ladysmith from Highway 27. Lured in by the quirky signage, you might be tempted to linger on the front porch, maybe settle into one of the inviting chairs

Be Safe This Season

My son and daughter were both born in November and Andrew’s 10th birthday was a family milestone. I told my wife I’d take care of his birthday gift if she would take care of our daughter’s. I’ll never forget the look on Andrew’s face when he opened the present and saw that Remington shotgun, his

Co-op Solar Plans Start and Succeed with SUNDA Project

Electric cooperatives are committed to providing safe, reliable, affordable energy to their consumer-members, and in many parts of the country that includes increasing the availability of solar power. “Co-ops are big supporters of an ‘all sources’ national energy policy,” said Debra Roepke of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s (NRECA) business and technology strategies group.

Landmark Toppled | Community Solar Advantage | Nuke Continuation

Landmark Toppled as Coal Plant Retired The last recognizable component of a 70-year-old coal-fired power plant has been demolished as decommissioning of the original five units at Dairyland Power Cooperative’s Alma Station moves toward completion. The 700-foot smokestack on the Buffalo County bank of the Mississippi River was brought down by a controlled dynamite explosion