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Gratitude Goes Both Ways

It was November 2004 and for lots of American families the fondest Christmas wish was to simply be together, not worrying about loved ones on active military deployments in countries far from home. The situation wasn’t unfamiliar, and some had already offered their skills and resources to make things a little better. Since the 1990s

Over the River and Through the Wood…

To Henning Art Gallery and Sleigh Museum We Go! If the season has you feeling a little nostalgic and yearning for simpler times, you would surely enjoy a visit to the Henning Art Gallery and Sleigh Museum, a place that brings the iconic Thanksgiving verse about a horse-drawn sleigh and grandmother’s house to life. Located

Campaigning for Co-ops

In just one year we go to the polls to vote for president and other state and federal elected offices, and with this in mind, electric cooperatives across the country are conducting some unique activities. Wisconsin’s statewide co-op organization is planning to mirror them in hopes of growing voter turnout in our state’s rural areas.

Six Efficient Holiday Gifts to Give (or Keep)

Dear Pat and Brad:  With the holidays approaching, I’m starting to think about unique gifts for my family and friends that won’t use too much energy. Can you share any ideas?—Monica Dear Monica:  It’s always a great idea to give energy efficient gifts! Here are a few ideas based on a range of prices. You

Regulator Prods Cyber Defense | New Manager at Pierce Pepin | Clean Power Plan Suits Ended | TMI Retired

Regulator Prods Cyber Defense The top U.S. energy regulator says drone attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil production infrastructure this summer should be a wake-up call for stronger defense of U.S. natural gas pipelines. Neil Chatterjee, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (and former National Rural Electric Cooperative Association lobbyist), warned that a successful attack