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A New Look at Nuclear Power

Before Brent Ridge landed at Dairyland Power Cooperative as the new president and CEO in July of 2020, he spent 17 years at Energy Northwest in Washington State, which provides 100% carbon-free electricity to public utilities in the region, all generated by hydro, wind, solar, and mainly nuclear power, something he says could have great

Glacier’s Gifts

Looking out over the sweeping vista from the back of the David R. Obey Ice Age Interpretive Center in the Chippewa Valley, with rolling grassland leading out to a shimmering lake surrounded by thick, towering trees, it’s difficult to imagine what this same area looked like during the period of Wisconsin Glaciation more than 12,000

Rural Communities Depend on Co-op Voters

“Are you ready for a war?!” Some may recall this line from the 1995 movie Braveheart, in which Mel Gibson’s character William Wallace leads an uprising of 13th-century Scottish highlanders against a tyrannical English king and his conquest of the Scots. I’m of course taking some liberty with political hyperbole here, but this is what

Shine a Light on Home Security

Lighting up your yard will keep the burglars away, right? That’s mostly true, but like a lot of things in life, it’s not that simple. A brightly lit yard could make it easier for the bad guys to see during a break-in. From street lights to porch lights, studies show that better outdoor lighting reduces

News Briefs

Harris Named Next Jump River GM The Jump River Electric Cooperative (JREC) board of directors has announced Kurt Harris will take the helm as the next head of the cooperative in May 2022. Harris stepped into the position of assistant general manager in November, working closely with Interim General Manager Mike Schaefer. Schaefer has served