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Powering Through the Potential Perfect Storm

Two years into the pandemic and trucks and transformers are the toilet paper of today, according to many Wisconsin electric cooperatives. COVID-19 is currently waning, but the ripple effect crippling the supply chain is far from over. Like many industries, electric cooperatives are dealing with long delays and increased prices for much of their needed

Globe Trot Without Leaving Wisconsin

Immigrants began flooding into Wisconsin in the 1840s. Their imprint on our then-young state is still felt today, nearly 175 years later. So it’s no surprise that these immigrants brought traditions and customs from their homeland. However, what is surprising is that some communities still have such strong ties to their home countries, many decades

All Eyes on Wisconsin

The closing days of the Wisconsin legislative session this year are scheduled for March 8–10. These days will be the last general floor period for passing bills. Then in April, the legislature only comes back to deal with limited business, and May 17–18 is the Veto Review Floor Period. Of course, they can always come

State Urges Lower-Income Residents to Apply for Utility Assistance

This winter’s frigid cold stretch, coupled with higher natural gas prices and the ongoing pandemic, is creating a financial hardship for many lower-income Wisconsin households, but funds are available to help. National data show only 16 percent of eligible households apply for utility assistance funds. Barbara Klug, bureau director for the Division of Energy, Housing,

Get your Ducts in a Row

Q: My HVAC system is a mystery to me. What can I do to maintain it and keep my home comfortable year-round? A: For most people, the inner workings of the HVAC system are out of sight, out of mind. The system is ignored until something goes wrong. Understanding the basics of how a heating

News Briefs

Gallagher Garners Champion Award Wisconsin’s electric cooperatives presented the 2022 Champion of Electric Cooperatives Award to U.S. Representative Mike Gallagher (R-WI), who appeared at the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association’s Education and Lobby Days event virtually (on-screen below) from his office in Washington, D.C. “Mike has always been a willing ear to electric co-ops, even before