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That’s Fan-tastic!

Collector’s antique appliances tell the story of electrification Stefan Osdene is a fan of electric appliances. A big fan. Owner of Cambridge Gold and Antiques, Osdene deals in all sorts of vintage items, but the electric appliances are what sparked his interest. The walls of his store are lined with every kind of electric appliance

Landscaping for Energy Efficiency

The approach of spring has many gardeners turning their attention to planting plans, but if your goal is energy efficiency, landscaping is an approach that can beautify your home and help you control future energy costs for years to come. The approach of spring has many gardeners turning their attention to planting plans, but if

The Messenger Shoots Back

Reliability Warnings Ring True Baseball lore is almost certainly mistaken in attributing to Lawrence “Yogi” Berra the observation that “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” But whoever uttered the words, what’s lost in the hilarity is that the peculiar remark is fundamentally true. Consider the reaction when the North American Electric Reliability

Meet the Members

Regular readers will know we make frequent reference to “seven cooperative principles” that amount to a set of characteristics spelling out the kind of organization it’s hoped every co-op will strive to be. With the arrival of March, we head into the season when the majority of Wisconsin’s electric cooperatives carry out the most visible

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PSC Passes on Third-party Issue Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission (PSC) last month rejected a California developer’s request for approval of model leasing language covering distributed solar generation facilities owned by the developer. Third-party ownership of generation equipment has been stymied by Wisconsin law in which an owner/installer leasing the equipment to a homeowner, business, or