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Principled and Prepared

Regular readers of Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News know we make frequent reference to “the seven cooperative principles” that are intended to guide the governance practices and daily operations of every co-op business, whether of the electric variety or any other. Most often mentioned is “concern for community,” (principle number 7) because it comes into play

Robots & Sensors

Electric co-ops use innovative technologies for real-time feedback on the GRID’s health. Electric grids are immense machines that span counties, and often entire states, bringing power to many homes and businesses. So how do the electric companies know what’s happening on their lines? How much power is being delivered? What equipment needs to be replaced?

Cooperation on Display at Huey’s Hideaway

Rural Wisconsin offers an abundance of entertainment options suitable for families with little ones, but exploring a hands-on children’s museum is not typically one of them. For this kind of experience, most families have to travel to one of the state’s urban centers. However, families in Taylor County and surrounding areas need only to head

The ‘90s are calling…

…and a utility’s calling back A 1990s policy debate whose echoes persist involved the idea of discarding the regulated electric utility and breaking up its components (“functional segmentation” in the wonk-speak of the time), expecting the resulting new companies to burst out of their stodgy business model and engage in deregulated, “swashbuckling competition,” to use

Legislative Service Honored | Fake Comments | Another Nuke Closing | Co-op Manager To Head RUS | Infrastructure Report

Legislative service honored Three state lawmakers are the latest recipients of the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association’s (WECA) Enlightened Legislator of the Year Award, presented annually during the statewide organization’s Education and Lobby Days in Madison. The award recognizes strong support for electric cooperatives, accessibility to co-op members, help navigating the legislative process, and work on