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Right on Target

Community focus and customer care keep ’em coming to Lena Swamp Archery Lena Swamp Archery in Oconto Falls is a bow hunter’s paradise. That’s pretty clear right as you walk

How landscaping can help you save energy

Dear Pat: This year, I am planning to redesign my yard. Are there landscaping features I can incorporate that will help my home be more comfortable indoors?—Nancy Dear Nancy: Late

Present at the Founding

Those of you who have been reading this column for the past year and a half have probably come to realize I love history, particularly Wisconsin history. Last year, we

Renaissance or Reinvention?

Downsizing may be the key to nuclear power’s future If “agreement” isn’t precisely the right word, it’s certainly true that recent years have brought serious movement toward the viewpoint that

Cyber issues; Big nukes struggle; Wind farm’s future unclear; Gas dominated coal in ‘16; Kemper plant closer to full operation

Conference, senators, ponder cyber issues Prevention of cyberattacks on utility systems is important, but more crucial is certainty of detection followed by a swift response to contain and minimize damage,