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The EPA is pushing out a package of rules forcing power plants to slash emissions or shut down, but is it attainable? On a chilly morning in March, a small crowd gathered atop a bluff on the edge of a farm field south of La Crosse to watch the final dismantling of Dairyland Power Cooperative’s

Norskedalen’s Midsummer Fest

What do a farmstead arranged in a horseshoe shape, an open-face sandwich, rømmogrøt ice cream, and an official U.S. Strongman competition have in common? They all have links to Norwegian culture, and they’re all part of the Norskedalen Nature & Heritage Center’s 2024 Midsummer Fest, set for June 22 on the Norskedalen grounds in Coon

Which June Cover Option is Your Favorite?

Each June, we hold a contest among the local communicators from electric cooperatives across the state. We ask them to submit a photo to be considered for the cover of our June magazine that says “dairy.” We are, after all, the Dairy State and take pride in that honor. Winning our contest again this year

Amplify your Voice through Voices for Cooperative Power

The energy industry and energy policy are incredibly complex. Trying to make sense of it can be a full-time job. In the end, most Americans care about whether their lights come on when the switch is flipped and the cost of the power to make that happen. While reliability and affordability are at the forefront

Set Your Home to Vacay Mode

Q: How can I lower my electric bill when I’m gone on vacation? A: Just like you, the equipment in your home is hard at work getting through the daily grind. While you are off enjoying a new adventure or time away, give your home’s equipment a vacation, too. Doing so can reduce unnecessary energy

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Co-op Leaders Lobby in D.C. More than 30 leaders from 11 Wisconsin electric cooperatives were among the 1,200-plus electric co-op leaders nationwide who gathered in Washington, D.C., in April for NRECA’s 2024 Legislative Conference. They met with the state’s congressional staff to advocate for reliable, affordable electricity. During the in-person meetings, Wisconsin’s co-op leaders talked