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Transformer Rule Pain, Little Gain

It has now been more than three years since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, and the coronavirus slammed the breaks on the nation’s economy and shuttered lives and livelihoods alike. However, the resiliency of rural America has since fueled a resurgence. The masks are gone, for the most part. We can breathe

Historical Hub

Knox Creek Heritage Center Honors Price County’s Past They came for the logging, and later for the farming. Immigrants from all over Europe made their way to Price County in search of new opportunities, bringing traditions from their home countries that came to define the communities they created here. At first it was the trees

Reliability at Risk

Over the last year, feature stories and several of my columns in this magazine have focused on the critical importance of electric service reliability to our members. As societal and political pressure pushes us towards a goal of carbon pollution-free electricity, reliability is a subject that we will continue to pay very close attention to

More June Dairy Photos!

These are some Dairy Great photos! Every June, we dedicate the cover of our magazine to Wisconsin’s proud dairy industry by turning it over to our talented pool of communications professionals working at our state’s electric cooperatives. We issue a challenge to all of these local editors to capture the spirit of June Dairy Month

Efficiency Tips for Residential Well Pumps

Q: I get my water supply from my own well. How can I use less electricity with my well? A: The energy a residential well system uses depends on the equipment and water use. The homeowner is responsible for maintaining the well, ensuring drinking water is safe, and paying for the electricity needed to run

News Briefs

Cardinal-Hickory Creek Line Clears Legal Hurdle A Dane County judge has rejected a legal challenge to the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line project. In a 30-page written ruling, Circuit Court Judge Jacob Frost upheld the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) 2019 decision to grant a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) to the Dairyland Power Cooperative,