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Experience Exits

Recent rash of retirements creates challenges for co-ops, opportunities for new hires. It was February 11, 1985, when a young Diane Berweger, armed with degrees in accounting and economics, walked into Bayfield Electric Cooperative for a job in billing and accounting and immediately felt at home. “They all welcomed me with open arms, and I

Milling around in Rural Wisconsin

State’s historic grist mills take you back in time... These were not your run-of-the-mill businesses. The grist mills that flourished along Wisconsin’s waterways from the mid 19th century through the early 20th century were the linchpin of farming communities. Using the power of flowing water to turn huge stones, grist mills turned farmers’ wheat into

Reliable. Affordable. Accessible. II

This month we continue our discussion, taking a realistic look at how to move forward to meet the goals of carbon-pollution-free and/or fossil-fuel-free electricity production in the future. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, nationally in 2020, natural gas was the leading source of fuel used to produce electricity at 40 percent, nuclear power

Drilling Down

Dear Pat and Brad: With Father’s Day approaching, the kids and I are thinking of getting my husband some rechargeable power tools. Do you have any recommendations? When is the extra cost of cordless worth the investment?—Jesse Dear Jesse: Great idea! If your husband enjoys tackling home projects, rechargeable tools are an excellent gift idea.

Internships Launch Careers

You’re fresh out of college or technical school. You need a job, or better yet a career. The only problem is most employers, especially if the job involves some level of skill, are looking for people with experience. For Jackie McGlin and Benji Gindt, internships with Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services (PPCS) in the summer of

Safety Video Urges ‘Call Before You Dig’ | Co-op Leaders Meet WI Delegation Virtually | CHARGE EV Network Grows | Rep. Gallagher Meets with Co-op Leaders | Enviro Groups vs. Cardinal-Hickory Line in Federal Court

New Safety Video Urges ‘Call Before You Dig’ Wisconsin electric cooperatives, in partnership with the Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange, have launched another safety awareness effort. “What Lies Beneath” is an educational video that urges people to call before they dig on their properties, noting it could save a life. Nationwide, there are 20 million