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Business Not as Usual

Electric cooperatives seek alternatives to the traditional annual meeting. Ever since member-owned electric cooperatives were created decades ago, the annual meeting has been about more than just business. It’s a time for members to come together to network and brainstorm, to eat and to chat, to catch up with friends and neighbors, and to just

Stories for Summer

A Reading List with a Wisconsin Twist This will not be a typical summer, for sure. Just as it has upended life all spring, the coronavirus will surely alter a lot of summer vacation plans. However, there’s one getaway the coronavirus can’t touch, and that’s the escape that comes from getting lost in the pages

Breakfast Scramble

As we enter our traditional June Dairy month, nothing is traditional this year. What is normally a time for celebrating our state’s rich dairy history has unfortunately taken a much different course thanks to COVID-19. June usually kicks off with a county dairy breakfast on a farm, where we get together with our neighbors and

FIVE Home Energy Hogs

"Dear Pat and Brad: Our family has been trying to reduce our monthly expenses. The other day, my sister-in-law and I compared our electric bills. I was surprised to find out her energy costs were significantly lower than mine, even though our homes are similar in size and built around the same time. What could

Pay it Forward

There are times in our lives when the power of human connections makes a big difference. PPCS engineering technician David Chavie experienced one of these times in April during a service call to the home of an elderly PPCS member. The member called PPCS, concerned that her bill was much higher than normal, and Chavie

Pandemic Could Cost Co-ops $10 Billion | WI Farmers Hit Hard by Pandemic | NRECA – Frontier Dispute Could Delay WI Broadband | PSC Internet Hotline, Map | Specialty Plate Proposal Moves Forward

Pandemic Could Cost Nation’s Electric Cooperatives $10 Billion New research by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) finds electric cooperatives stand to lose $10 billion through 2022, due to the pandemic and economic slowdown it has caused. NRECA projections find electric co-ops will see a decline of $7.4 billion in operating revenues as electricity