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Brainpower Battle

Keen Competitors Seek Science Honors QUICK: What is the effect by which a material with a small positive magnetic susceptibility creates a magnetic field in the direction of an applied

Naturally Fun

Cable Natural History Museum’s Newest Exhibit Will Pique Your Curiosity If you’re curious about Northwoods nature, then the Cable Natural History Museum is the place for you, especially this year

Take Control of High Summer Bills

We expect summers to be hot, but most of us do all we can to keep our homes as comfortable as possible, even as outdoor temperatures edge thermometers upward. When

What Month is This…

…or, what would June be without the dairy industry? Year after year, even a fleeting glance at this month’s edition of Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News confirms that June is Dairy

Nuke Subsidies | Solar Projects Approved | No Coal Subsidies | Retail Choice

NJ okays Nuke Subsidies Add New Jersey to the list of states extending out-of-market financial compensation for nuclear power plants based on their ability to make electricity without carbon dioxide