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From Problem to Prosperity

Catastrophic event creates opportunity for fiber fast internet on Washington Island Washington Island’s history is replete with serendipitous solutions to challenging situations. Take Prohibition, for example. When alcohol was outlawed in 1920, Tom Nelsen, who owned a dance hall and pub on the island, got a pharmaceutical license and served bitters to island patrons instead.

Back to Nature

Community Converts Former Highway Department Property into Colfax Red Cedar Preserve and Recreation Area It’s easy to imagine, when wandering through the peaceful oasis that is the Colfax Red Cedar Preserve and Recreation Area, that it has always been this way, as Mother Nature intended. However, the story behind this beautiful, secluded bit of wilderness

Time Tested

The Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association (WECA), which publishes this magazine, was established in 1936, becoming the first association representing electric cooperatives in the United States. From that first meeting in April of 1936, we have adhered to the seven principles guiding all cooperatives. Principle number 2 is Democratic Member Control. WECA prides itself as a

Providing Your Own Power During an Outage

If you’re wondering whether to buy a home generator in case of a power outage, you’re not alone. Backup power sources have gotten so popular that manufacturers now offer a wide range of choices. Options run from pull-start gasoline models costing a few hundred dollars to permanent outdoor installations for several thousand dollars. That variety

News Briefs

DPC Hosts “All In” Annual Meeting In June, members of Dairyland Power Cooperative gathered at the La Crosse Center for the co-op’s 2023 annual meeting. There were 361 voting delegates in attendance. The theme of the meeting was “All In,” representing Dairyland’s commitment to its mission to improve the quality of life for cooperative members.