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Fighting the Enemy in Plain Sight

It read like a psychological thriller. In the early morning hours of May 7, hackers dropped a ransom note onto a computer in the control room of the Colonial Pipeline. The security system for the line responsible for bringing fuel to almost half of the East Coast had been breached. In the note, the hackers

Summertime Blues of the Berry Best Kind

It’s impossible to feel blue during blueberry season. For starters, blueberries literally make you feel good. Packed with antioxidants and loaded with nutrients, blueberries bring a bounty of health benefits. They’re also tasty and versatile. Blueberries can be baked in pies and muffins, sprinkled on cereal, tossed in salads, stirred in smoothies, cooked into jams

Iola Old Car Show Receives Funding with Help from CWEC

Iola Old Car Show, Inc. has received a $250,000 no-interest loan, through the USDA Rural Eco-nomic Development Loan and Grant program. The loan provided by USDA was obtained through Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative (CWEC), and will be used by Iola Old Car Show for projects that will create and retain employment. Iola Old Car Show

Reliable. Affordable. Accessible. III

As I shared with you last month, to achieve the Biden administration’s goal of 100 percent carbon pollution-free electricity by 2035, we will have to replace 975 megawatts of coal and natural gas-produced electricity for most of the Wisconsin electric cooperative footprint. I will continue to use that footprint as a basis for this discussion.

Four Keys to Understanding the New Electric Grid

With thousands of miles of power lines, nearly 200,000 utility employees and 7,300 power plants, America’s electric grid and all its parts must work together to keep power flowing smoothly. Photo courtesy of Dennis Gainer, NRECA America’s electric grid is often called the most complex machine in the world. That’s not a stretch when you

U.S. Secretary of Labor Visits DPC | Midwest at “Elevated Risk” of Energy Shortfall | FTC, WI Sue Frontier | $3.2B Available to Help Pay Internet Bills | UW Research Center Could Bolster EV Industry | NRECA Awarded $3.9M in Cybersecurity Funds

U.S. Secretary of Labor Visits Dairyland Power Cooperative U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh visited Dairyland Power Cooperative recently, promoting the president’s “American Jobs Plan” proposal. “This bill creates good union jobs, and good green jobs, and jobs for a lot of other people,” Walsh told the group, which included Congressman Ron Kind, State Representative