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Idyllic Isle

Washington Island’s Wonders Await Wisconsin has its own island paradise that is at its absolute heavenly prime each July. Washington Island is breathtakingly beautiful, full of historic charm, and an adventure for little explorers. Last summer I took a day trip with my 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. Washington Island sits just five miles off

The Rules of Relief

Policy Change Complicates Cleanup When the season turns from winter to spring, cold and warm weather systems collide over the Midwest, sometimes with violent results. So it was on May 16, 2017, when destructive weather swept across Barron, Jackson, and Rusk Counties and a tornado that stayed on the ground for dozens of miles killed

Understanding your Energy Bill

Dear Pat: Every month, I look over my electric bill, but a lot of it doesn’t make sense to me. Is there information included on my bill that can help me save money? – Don Dear Don: It’s always a good idea to understand how you’re spending your money. You look over your credit card

Some Things Don’t Change

Have you ever been looking for something very specific and while you’re at it, run across something you never expected to find? That happened to me last month and I’d like to share the story because it’s about when my family became electric cooperative members. As mentioned in previous columns, my family has lived in

Generation Buildout | Nuke Closings | Carbon Capture Money | Yucca Money | Regulatory Manipulation

Generation Buildout Forecast by Feds Expected additions to U.S. electric generating capacity during 2018 should be the most for any year of the past decade, numbers from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) show. Almost 32 gigawatts of new capacity, two-thirds fueled by natural gas, are anticipated to be in service by the end of this