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Dr. David Gattie is an approachable southern gentleman with a kind demeanor and snow-white hair. He’s a doting husband, father, and grandfather—the kind of person you’d want to invite over for dinner. And still, he jokes, he’s not allowed to eat in the faculty lounge at the University of Georgia, where he serves as an

Excitement Soars At Snowflake Ski Jump

Annual Tournament Combines Big-time Competition with Down-home Fun If you’re looking for some winter excitement of Olympic proportions, head to Westby in southwest Wisconsin for the 101st annual Snowflake Ski Jumping Tournament on February 2 and 3. At this impressive ski jump complex, located in a beautiful valley of the Timber Coulee Region on Vernon

We Need to Keep Wisconsin’s Energy Decisions in Wisconsin

I am asking all of you, the readers of WECN, to help your electric cooperative advocate for legislation in the State Capitol. I wouldn’t be doing it unless we truly needed your help, and I knew you could directly benefit from it. Senate Bill 481 and Assembly Bill 470 are companion bills in the state

Hardening for Cybersecurity

Electric cooperatives recognize the evolving cyber threat landscape that poses disruptions to the nation’s electric grid. As responsible power providers to our consumer-members, co-ops are taking proactive measures to secure the grid. Cyber threats, ranging from phishing to compromised passwords, can potentially disrupt power reliability. That’s why electric co-ops are working to stay one step

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DPC Hosts ‘Internet for All’ Discussion with Biden Administration Two key administrators with the Biden Administration participated in a roundtable discussion at Dairyland Power Cooperative in La Crosse on Nov. 30. The topic was “internet for all,” with a focus on expanding internet access in underserved rural communities. White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Tom