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Trek into the New Year

Jackson County Snowshoe Opportunities Provide Path to Healthy Lifestyle The dawn of a new year is the perfect time to strap on some snowshoes and start trekking, and not just because January typically brings fresh snow to tramp through. This family-friendly activity is also a great way to check off a few New Year’s resolutions,

Pathways to Net Zero

“I want to be a famous pop star,” my 8-year-old daughter announced one day. “What do I need to do?” “Well, you should probably take some singing lessons,” I answered. “Ugh! No. I’m not doing that,” she replied. And that was the last I heard of her grand, future plan. It’s not unlike the common

VEC Lineworkers save Local Farmer

noticed the tractor stop. Then it started rolling backward down the hill and came to a rest with its trailer jackknifed. As this was happening, I could see the farmer’s head roll back and forth, then slump to the side. I immediately knew something bad was happening,” said VEC lineworker Matt Hirschfield in describing the

Advancing through Advocacy

Advocacy is often the cornerstone of many associations, especially those participating in public policy debates. WECA is no different. As the voice for Wisconsin’s electric cooperatives and publisher of this magazine, the first part of our vision statement says, “WECA will serve its members by providing leadership on key legislative and regulatory issues.” It is

Making Dollars and Sense of Energy Efficiency

The term “energy efficiency” can cause confusion. Some see it as a way to a cleaner environment. Others see extra expense and inconvenience. Sorting out those views gets even more complicated as technology gives us a dizzying array of choices for using electricity, from smart thermostats to varieties of light bulbs. The basic idea of

News Briefs

Biden Ramps Up Climate Goals President Joe Biden recently signed an executive order that directs the federal government to become carbon neutral by 2050, and use federal buying power to help reach ambitious climate goals including: 100% carbon pollution-free electricity by 2030 (at least half of which will be locally supplied clean energy to meet