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Cold comfort for tax reformers?

Tax bill preserves much of the status quo Expectations weren’t high last year that Congress would realize its advertised intention of creating a more straightforward federal tax code—with fewer deductions,

A “Chili” way to play

If you’re looking for a fun winter weekend getaway, pack up some sporting gear and head to the Northwoods of Price County. With its thick forests, beautiful lakes, and miles

The Disaster Tax

This past summer seven Wisconsin electric cooperatives were hit by storms that interrupted electric service to large numbers—from almost one-third to more than half—of their members. Flooding, tornados, and straight-line

Designer electricity is trending

Trends and technology give you more control over your electricity The thermostat on your wall marks a new era in electricity Whether it’s a dial-style older than you, or a

Coop Law revisions – Cape Wind – Solar politics – Sales Tax

Co-op law revisions signed Cooperative leaders gathered in Madison to see Governor Walker’s signature applied to the first significant revisions to Wisconsin’s Chapter 185 co-op law since the 1980s, approved