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Hike by Candlelight

Yes, it’s still winter. The days are slowly getting longer, but there’s a month to go yet before Daylight Saving Time fully brightens up the evenings. There’s still snow on

Underground Railroad—Burying CO2: Sound strategy or costly diversion?

A paradox of modern governance: As the economics of low-cost natural gas and federal regulation diminish coal use in electricity production, agencies like the Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental

Grid Security

Just a few months ago the nation’s attention was focused almost entirely on the presidential election. More than once during the fall, emails containing unflattering statements by key players in

Designer electric grids: Microgrids will serve reliability, security and sustainability

A new way of thinking about electric utilities could make your energy supply less vulnerable to weather-related interruption, more secure, and more environment-friendly. The idea is microgrids—small, local systems of

NRG has Carbon-Capture Underway; More Controversy over Nuke-Waste; After Bailout, Exelon Went Hiring; Michigan Tightens Requirements; New Source Arguments Stay on Schedule

NRG has carbon-capture underway The first major utility-scale application of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology has reached full operation, NRG Energy announced in January. Retrofitting of the Petra Nova