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Co-op Pollinator Power

Habitat-restoration projects are blooming at Wisconsin’s electric cooperatives There’s a certain buzz in the air around many of Wisconsin’s electric cooperatives, and it’s hovering around the pollinator gardens that have been popping up on co-op properties throughout the state. At some co-op headquarters, traditional floral landscaping and stretches of sunny green lawn have been replaced

The Heart of Millston

Nation’s longest-running small-community fundraiser for MDA still going strong If you’re an American of a certain age, you probably don’t think of Labor Day without also thinking of the Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon. For 44 years, millions of people would gather around the television for some of the 20-plus-hour event and watch Lewis

Summers Shape Our Future

With summer in full swing, the attention of your statewide electric cooperative organization turns to a pair of recurring and very important leadership training programs and experiences we coordinate. Fortunately, this state’s electric co-op board members recognized long ago that the future of their cooperatives would be forever entwined with the future of the young

Share the Land, Share Traditions

If you live in Wisconsin, you know that Wisconsinites value their outdoor recreation. A recent survey in the Badger State found that more than 87 percent of respondents enjoyed activities like fishing, hunting, biking, and walking in the great outdoors. Much of this activity happens on publicly accessible land. Not all publicly accessible land is

Carbonless Price | PSC Solar Questions | Failed Nuke | Renewable Passes Coal | Geothermal

Analysts put price on carbonless grid Converting the United States to a 100 percent renewable electric grid will require spending $4.5 trillion and approximately doubling the existing level of generation capacity to account for wind and solar energy’s intermittent availability, the consulting firm Wood Mackenzie reports. The consultants estimate it would be necessary to add