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What Broke Texas…and Could it Happen Here?

Five reasons why Wisconsin avoided deadly rolling blackouts, and how to prevent it in the future. Here in Wisconsin, we are a hearty bunch. When temperatures drop below zero, some

For Travel’s Sake

Take a road trip along Wisconsin's newest nationally acclaimed Scenic Byways “I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to

Dairyland’s “Diamond” in the Rough

How Clean-Burning Coal Byproducts Help the Transportation and Agriculture Sectors Coal doesn’t really create diamonds. That was a rumor perpetuated by Superman. But with some effort, coal as fuel can

Oh, *#?@%!

You can fill in the blanks above with the expletive of your choice and you will get the idea of how we felt when ferry captain and cooperative board member

Keeping the Lights On

Most of us think nothing of it when we walk into a room and flip the switch—the light goes on. That’s reliability, and it means security and safety for our

Evers Signs Electric Co-op Legislation | $322M in Utility, Rental Assistance Available | Texas’s Blackout Crisis Affects CFC Credit Rating | Beware of High-Pressure Solar Sales | NRTC’s Clark Ends Term as Chair

Evers Signs Electric Cooperative Legislation Governor Tony Evers has signed 2021 Wisconsin Act 5 into law, which “changes current law to allow a cooperative to hold an annual member meeting