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Dave Hoopman

Good News is No News

A half-century of environmental progress…What? At the end of February, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it would keep in place the national air quality standard for sulfur dioxide emissions the agency proposed and adopted under the Obama administration in 2010. Interest groups weren’t pleased. Some wanted the standard loosened; some wanted it tightened. Rejecting

A Link to The Lumberjacks

Restored logging dam brings history alive Back in the late 19th century, the Round Lake area in Price County would have been teeming with boisterous activity right about now. The arrival of spring marked the end of the logging season that flourished in the surrounding forests in those days. Lumberjacks would set up camp in

Monarchs Still Need Help

Several times these past couple of years I’ve delivered updates on what’s been happening with the monarch butterfly and the decline of other pollinator species in North America. These are obvious concerns from the standpoint of environmental quality; less obvious but very real is our concern over the effect reduced butterfly numbers could have on

Q&A: Breaking Down Seven Energy-Saving Claims

Dear Pat: When it comes to saving energy, it can be confusing to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I know you usually just answer one question, but can you let me know what you think about a few things I’ve heard over the years? – Keeley Dear Keeley: Sure. Fire away! Q: Is

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Help for Island’s cable work in state budget Disaster recovery costs incurred by Washington Island Electric Cooperative as a result of last June’s submarine power cable failure would be mitigated by a $2 million appropriation in Governor Tony Evers’ biennial budget bill, if the provision survives the amendment process. As introduced, the bill calls for