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Uncharted Waters

Starting over on embattled regulations Half the country is certain to be angered and the other half delighted by Trump administration executive orders sending federal agencies back to the drawing

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home

Dear Pat: I have a central air conditioner in my home that is at least 15 years old. It is not very efficient, but still works. Should I look into

Sweet Celebration of Spring

Taylor County Lions Maple Fest Makes Most of the State Tree One of the sweetest signs of spring in Wisconsin has to be the sight of buckets or bags attached to

“Zero chance”

ANALYSIS: Congress balks at raising energy prices In February, a group Bloomberg Politics described as “old guard Republicans” visited the White House promoting a federal carbon tax—more accurately a carbon

Wisconsin deregulation bid sidetracked; More co-op solar on line; Is Paris burning? 2019 goal set for St. Croix wind farm; Clean Power Plan order expected

Wisconsin deregulation bid sidetracked A move by high-volume industrial electricity users to revive Wisconsin’s plans for retail electric deregulation has lost momentum after morphing into a proposal to repeal a

Back to the Future

While it’s always to be hoped that the potential consequences—intended or unintended—of any legislative action will be fully weighed before the roll is called, it’s also true that there are