Wild Wisconsin


Well, this was sure difficult. When we announced our Wisconsin Wildlife Photo Contest back in June, we expected to get a lot of great entries. However, we were overwhelmed by the volume and variety of gorgeous photos we received, making this the most challenging (and also the most fun) photo contest we’ve ever judged. Ultimately, after considerable, somewhat passionate discussion, we settled on this photo of a turtle at Bark Bay Slough in Herbster, taken by Jeff Underhill, a member of Bayfield Electric Cooperative. Jeff won a Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News kitchen kit. Thanks to all the amazing photographers who shared their beautiful photos, a few of which we’re sharing below. You’re all winners!

Left: Pamela Adams, Price Electric Cooperative; Right: Kerri Zastrow, Oconto Electric Cooperative

Left: Jill Kruse-Drinkwater, Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperativee; Right: Glenn Mancel,
Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative

Left: Donna Williams-Richter; Right: Eric Wollum, Eau Claire Energy Cooperative

Left: Christine Tandberg, Dunn Energy Cooperative; Right: John Koch, Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services

Debra Gates, Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative

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