What a Wild Summer!


Summer 2022 was a wild time here at the Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News! That’s because our Wisconsin Wildlife Photo Contest drew hundreds of beautiful photos, each one seemingly prettier than the last. It was nearly impossible to pick a winner. We’ve shared a sampling of our entries in the July and September issues, and we’ve posted some of them on our Facebook pages, but even that didn’t come close to covering all the gorgeous shots that our members generously shared with us. So we’re dedicating this space to sharing some more—we hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Thank you to all of our readers who shared their beautiful photos with us. We loved them all!

Left: Al Cornell, Richland-Center; Right: Corrie Vonfeldt, Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative

Left: Donna Long, Taylor Electric Cooperative; Right: Georgiann O’Bryan, Jump River Electric Cooperative

Left: Jim Baird, Jump River Electric Cooperative; Right: Judy Puffer, Jackson Electric Cooperative

Left: Kerri Zastrow, Oconto Electric Cooperative; Right: Pat Nehring, Jump River Electric Cooperative

Left: Richard Johnson,Scenic Rivers Electric Cooperative; Right: Rachel Haggarty, Price Electric Cooperative

Left: Rita Patey, Clark Electric Cooperative; Right: Robert Devine, Clark Electric Cooperative

Left: Virginia McCain, Jump River Electric Cooperative; Right: Tammy Boufford, Rock Energy Cooperative

To see more great photos from the contest, visit our September feature page here.