Pay it Forward


There are times in our lives when the power of human connections makes a big difference. PPCS engineering technician David Chavie experienced one of these times in April during a service call to the home of an elderly PPCS member.

Dave Chavie

The member called PPCS, concerned that her bill was much higher than normal, and Chavie was dispatched to investigate. He recognized the account as one he had visited about nine years earlier. At that time, Chavie recalled making small talk with the member and eventually sharing that he and his wife were hoping to start a family. As Chavie prepared to leave her residence, the member took both of his hands and said an earnest prayer for him and his wife to be blessed with a family. Chavie was touched by her kindness. Fast forward nine years and the Chavies have a beautiful, healthy daughter who is a spunky third-grader.

Chavie started his energy audit at the residence. As he made small talk with the member, Chavie asked if she remembered their encounter nine years ago and she did. She asked if their little prayer made a difference. Chavie replied, “We sure think so, because we became parents not long after.” The member was glad to hear it and was surprised that Chavie’s daughter Sophia shares the name of her great-grandmother. The energy audit found that the member’s pump had malfunctioned and kept running, using kWhs around the clock. Chavie shared these results with the member. She was happy to know the cause but told him that the bill was so high it would be difficult for her to pay on her retirement income.

The member called her well service company to repair the pump. Chavie left to move on to the next call but had a nagging feeling in the back of his mind and called his wife. He told her about his encounter with the woman who had prayed for them nine years ago and told her he felt compelled to do more to help her. His wife, Heather, agreed with no hesitation. Chavie drove back up the driveway and told the member he and his wife would like to help her pay the high energy bill.

Dave, Heather, and Sophia Chavie

Although grateful for the opportunity to help someone, Chavie admitted this is a once-in-a-lifetime situation. “I’ll never forget the kindness of this member and I believe the personal connection we shared nine years ago had a real impact on my family. My wife and I were glad to have an opportunity to help her in a time of need as she had helped us.”