Oh, *#?@%!

You can fill in the blanks above with the expletive of your choice and you will get the idea of how we felt when ferry captain and cooperative board member Joel Gunnlaugsson stopped in to let us know that ice had drug the Plum Island #1 buoy and its 4,000 lb. sinker at least ¼

Synergy is Key to Rural Broadbandification

Co-ops Take a Page from the History Books to Move the Needle on Broadband Expansion, With the Help of Community Partners The plan was only 11 pages long. In 1934, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt called for the proposal that led to the creation of the Rural Electrification Administration (REA), aimed at electrifying the rural residents

Wild for Flowers

Wisconsin’s Woodlands are Brimming with Blooms We’ve had the April showers. Now it’s time for some May flowers! Head for the woods—any woods—for a visual feast as the first really warm temperatures of the year and the sunlight that reaches the ground unimpeded by a full canopy of summer leaves coax forth an abundance of

Reliable. Affordable. Accessible.

Most of us only think about electricity three times per month. The first is when we get our bill, the second is when we pay our bill, and the third time is when we flip the light switch, and the lights don’t come on. It would be the rare person who thinks about how the