Operation Roundup Funds Help Purchase Drone For Marquette County Sheriff’s Office

A missing person mission in Marquette County in September 2019 was successful thanks to the help of the Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office and their drone team. After the relief of finding the missing person, Sheriff Joe Konrath and his staff at Marquette County Sheriff’s Office were inspired by their friends at the neighboring county

License to Live

It was a couple of years ago when Carol Blaken, member relations manager at Jackson Electric Cooperative, was on her way to Madison for a football game with her husband when the car behind them rolled over and snapped a utility pole. The teen driver got out of the vehicle and narrowly missed contact with

Delightful Detours

We’ve taken quite a journey through “Wisconsin Favorites” over the years. With this longstanding regular feature of the Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News, we aim to discover and promote the many wonderful places to see and things to do in the small communities and rural areas served by Wisconsin’s electric cooperatives. In doing so, we’ve logged

Leading the Charge

Thoughts of a new school year are in the air, and many rural Wisconsin residents are unsure how to plan for the back-to-school madness that usually occurs each August. With the shift from in-person classrooms to virtual, at-home learning environments at the end of the last school year, no one exactly knows what this school