Pay it Forward

There are times in our lives when the power of human connections makes a big difference. PPCS engineering technician David Chavie experienced one of these times in April during a service call to the home of an elderly PPCS member. The member called PPCS, concerned that her bill was much higher than normal, and Chavie

Charging Ahead

Eau Claire area’s first-ever EV-ready community in development The global pandemic put the brakes on new car sales, but the electric vehicle (EV) market is pushing full speed ahead, in spite of the bump in the road. As technology improves and prices become more affordable, people are getting more comfortable with the thought of plugging

A Twist of Lyme…yet another disease you don’t want…

“Be alert for any flu-like symptoms, aching joints, fatigue, rashes, bullseye rash, brain fog, and so forth. If you experience any of these things see a doctor…soon.” That advice from Michigan resident Brian Anderson does not involve the illness you can’t escape hearing about all day, every day. Anderson has provided training for co-op and

An Activity Geared Toward All

Get on your bikes and ride! Pandemic-caused restrictions on various activities may have loosened up somewhat, but the Centers for Disease Control is still urging caution when it comes to travel, advising that the best possible way to keep from contracting COVID-19 is to avoid large gatherings and stay close to home. Wisconsin offers plenty