WECN presents editorial awards to local editors

Awards for excellence in presenting local news in the Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News (WECN) magazine were recently presented to seven of Wisconsin’s electric cooperatives. Awards were given in four editorial categories: Co-op News, Human Interest, Photography, and Energy Education. Serving as a judge for this year of the annual local pages contest was Donna Abernathy,

Co-ops Vote—Election Chaos, the Electoral College, and Electric Cooperatives

Election Day is near, and if 2020 is to maintain its reputation, it will be wrought with chaos, questions, and controversy. But a recent Supreme Court decision will offer a little clarity. In a unanimous ruling, the high court made it very clear that states are entitled to penalize “faithless electors,” that is, delegates who

Connections to the Past

There’s just something about a bridge that gives it an almost romantic quality. Many a poet, painter, and writer of prose have been inspired by the sight of a bridge, or even just the idea of one. Perhaps it’s because a bridge is a symbol of triumph—a physical means of getting over an obstacle. Maybe

Four ways to be Cyber Safe

We all know the internet can be dangerous and scary, and we’ve all seen the lists of ideas for better cybersecurity. The problem is, cybersecurity tips aren’t helpful unless we act on them. Sure, we should use long passwords and change them regularly—but will we really do that? This article includes four tips for making