“…You can stick around and talk for a while.”

In the past couple of months, I have been tasked with installing and updating FirstCall medical monitoring units. These devices are like what you see in the “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” coscrmmercials. We have been installing these units for several years now and I have seen the benefits of these devices, which

Charged with Trust

“These things are cool!” Roger Wiff said after taking his first spin in a Chevy Bolt. Wiff, a board member for both Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services and the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association, made a living driving big diesel-burning semi-trucks with lots of horsepower, and he has joined the fast-growing group of electric vehicle (EV) fans.

A nICE Way to Fish

Ice fishing is a form of recreation that seems to be ideally suited for a pandemic. It’s an outdoor activity that by its very nature is an exercise in social distancing, and it can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere there’s a sheet of ice over a body of water. That means in Wisconsin, with its

Together Virtually

It was April 30, 1936, when 10 men gathered to build the foundation and write the rules that would govern the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association, with the goal of electrifying rural Wisconsin and ensuring safe, reliable, and affordable power, way back then and into the future. They had no way of knowing what was to