Hometown Hero: Chuck Wellens recalls time in Vietnam

Each year, we set aside November 11, Veterans Day, to honor all the men and women who have served our country in uniform. We honor all veterans from generations past to our veterans who are just returning home from war. We thank those who are currently serving and will one day be a veteran. Oconto

Broadening Rural Broadband

The pandemic that continues to grip the state and much of the nation is shining a bright light on a big problem—lack of high-speed internet service in many rural areas. At a time when virtual schooling, working from home, and telemedicine have become the norm almost overnight, those without broadband access are simply left behind.

Star Power

If the thought of heading into the long nights of winter with some pandemic-caused restrictions still in place has you feeling a bit dark, we’ve got just the activity to make you feel starry-eyed—literally—once again. Stargazing is fun, family-friendly, and can be enjoyed right in your own backyard. All you need is a clear, open

Coming Together

In March of this year, as the pandemic launched itself into our world, virtually shutting down life as we knew it, my 94-year-old mother was in a nursing home recovering from a broken hip. As with many long-term care facilities, COVID-19 reared its very ugly head. Many residents in her facility, including my mother, were