CPR training save’s co-worker’s life

This story is courtesy of Rock Energy Cooperative, with offices in Janesville and South Beloit. Fire chief praises quick action of Rock Energy employees Elise Ehrensing was in the right place at the right time when her heart stopped beating. The right place was Rock Energy Cooperative’s office in South Beloit, where employees have been

Lighting the way for a brighter future

Twenty-five hundred miles from Wisconsin, south of the Mexican border in a primitive, rural village of Guatemala, there is an American flag flying high, side-by-side with a native flag. It was placed there just weeks ago by the villagers as a symbol of gratitude for the life-changing mission taken on by 12 linemen from electric

Home for the Holidays

Christmas will be even brighter at the Lincoln-Tallman House this year If you’re one of the many people for whom 12 days of Christmas just aren’t enough, you’ll enjoy a visit to the Lincoln-Tallman House in Janesville, where holiday festivities will be in full swing for 21 days leading up to the New Year. This

Once in a blue moon

It’s rare in today’s political climate that members of Congress from both parties come together on anything short of a national emergency or disaster, and sometimes they don’t come together even then. But once in a blue moon there’s near-unanimous support for fixing the unintended consequences of a congressional mistake, and right now the moon