SPRING is finally here photo contest

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After a winter that seemed as if it wouldn’t end, spring is here! Readers submitted photos depicting all of the wonderful signs of spring in Wisconsin


It’s Not Easy Being Important

In 2020, All Eyes on Wisconsin? More than one veteran political analyst has said rural Wisconsin swing voters played an outsized role in deciding the 2016 presidential election—and nobody saw it coming. If it happens again in 2020, everyone will have seen it coming. That was clear enough from a New York Times headline the

Teamwork Time

As this edition of Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News went to press, state legislators were in the early stages of the activity that occupies most of their attention in each odd-numbered year: development of a state budget bill. This year’s budget process will be out of the ordinary in multiple ways. Tony Evers is the first

Exploring Ag

Stone Field Village Showcases State’s Agriculture Heritage It’s pretty obvious that agriculture is important in Wisconsin. The state’s nickname, after all, is America’s Dairyland, and its residents are known far and wide as cheeseheads. However, there’s a lot more to Wisconsin agriculture than cheese, and lots to discover about how the industry helped shape and