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Area Communities Receive More than Electricity from CWEC

The number one goal of Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative (CWEC) is to provide electricity to its members as efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively as possible. While CWEC strives to achieve that, the co-op also strives to help and support the communities that it serves in other ways. The co-op believes that providing electricity and support to


Exciting Innovations in the Energy Evolution

Wisconsin was at the forefront of renewable energy long before it was cool. The nation’s first hydropower plant opened in Appleton on the Fox River back in 1882. Water-fueled power then became the world’s biggest source of clean energy, back when no one was even talking about climate change. While many see the Badger State

Park It Here

Enjoy the great outdoors at these special county parks. PART 1 In our not-so-humble opinion, Wisconsin’s trove of stellar county parks is a shining jewel in the state’s crown. These oases of nature tucked here and there throughout the state offer all varieties of peaceful outdoor recreation, often rivaling, if not even surpassing, their more

The Fall Elections Just Got A Lot More Interesting

For better or worse, depending on how much you like or dislike politics, Wisconsin is once again poised to be as close to the political center of the universe this coming election season as you can possibly get. The Republican National Convention will be coming to Milwaukee in mid-July. The Democratic National Convention will be