Photo Gallery: Circles of Serenity

Fountain City’s bluff-top marvel, Kinstone, is a treat for the senses. Enjoy these bonus photos from this tranquil Wisconsin Favorites stop.


A Multiple-Choice “Test”

When “all of the above” really matters This being July, hardly anyone, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, is fretting much about freezing in the dark the way they might when the brutal cold of the Polar Vortex makes one of its periodic incursions into the Midwest—and even into parts of North America where temperatures

Circles of Serenity

Kinstone Provides Place to Reflect and Connect Kristine Beck describes herself as a “land listener.” Don’t bother trying to look that up in the dictionary—you won’t find a definition there. You’ll find the meaning instead at Kinstone, the 30-acre haven of peace and tranquility that Beck coaxed out of land that’s been in her family

Cultivating Congress

In May I wrote about our association’s activities at the state Capitol. This month I’d like to update you on what we’re doing on your behalf in Washington, D.C. Electric cooperative leaders and staff spent the last few days of April in Washington, lobbying to keep your electric service safe, reliable, and affordable. More than