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Fall beauty in Wisconsin

No one can argue that fall in Wisconsin is pretty spectacular. Our readers proved it. We issued a “Fall in Wisconsin” photo contest in our October magazine. Readers uploaded these photo submissions to our website.

Wisconsin electric co-ops helping Florida rebuild

Volunteer line crews from ­­18 Wisconsin electric cooperatives are joining in Florida’s massive recovery effort, helping rebuild shattered electric systems in the wake of Hurricane Irma’s devastation. The Florida Electric Cooperatives Association, a statewide trade group, put out a call for help last Thursday, anticipating Irma’s Sunday morning landfall and the huge storm’s potential to


Wait ’til next year

The extended struggle for stronger infrastructure Predictions are for a colder winter than either of the past two. If the polar vortex returns as the country moves increasingly to natural gas for electric generation, some Americans might have a tough time keeping warm, or at least paying for it. While pipeline projects to accommodate the

It helps to be trusted

These days, trust is a commodity in short supply. Not only trust in government but in many of society’s fundamental institutions: for academia, the financial sector, the media, trust has ebbed, and prospects for improvement seem uncertain at best. Worrisome as that is, it’s also a reason why institutions that retain the public’s trust are

Nurture your Nostalgia at Christmas Village

Irvine Park’s annual holiday display marks its 30th year If the holidays tend to put you in a nostalgic mood, you’ll enjoy a visit to Christmas Village in Chippewa Falls’ Irvine Park. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day each year, this 318-acre park is transformed into a winter wonderland filled with life-size displays of Victorian-era