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Wisconsin electric co-ops helping Florida rebuild

Volunteer line crews from ­­18 Wisconsin electric cooperatives are joining in Florida’s massive recovery effort, helping rebuild shattered electric systems in the wake of Hurricane Irma’s devastation. The Florida Electric Cooperatives Association, a statewide trade group, put out a call for help last Thursday, anticipating Irma’s Sunday morning landfall and the huge storm’s potential to

Texas co-ops in recovery mode; here’s how you can help

Spared the worst of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction, Texas electric co-ops have pulled together for a major recovery effort. According to Martin Bevins, vice president for communications and member services with Texas Electric Cooperatives, more than one-third of the statewide organization’s 75 member co-ops have been participating in mutual aid. The worst devastation occurred outside co-op


Surprise from the skies

Eclipse had energy impact, but not as expected Any solar eclipse is at once fascinating and wholly predictable. That adds up to no more than a gee-whiz fun fact as long as you aren’t relying on solar electric generation for a substantial fraction of your energy supply. But if you are heavily reliant on solar

Helping Hands: Wisconsin pitches in for hurricane relief

Electric cooperatives have an honored tradition of assisting one another’s recovery efforts when severe weather damages a system beyond local capabilities for timely service restoration. This tradition of mutual assistance puts the principle of cooperation among cooperatives into action, usually within a single state. Sometimes co-ops reach out farther. On September 11, volunteer line crews from

Nothing holds a candle to these cabins

Deep in the wooded hills of Richland County, you’ll discover a little magic in the form of five enchanting cabins nestled amongst the trees. These charming dwellings form Candlewood Cabins, and they turn a back-to-nature getaway into a fairy tale experience. Created and operated by Richland Electric Cooperative (REC) members Norbert and Susan Calnin, the