Flock to the Flyway

Alma goes to the birds to celebrate spring migration Alma is for the birds. And that’s a good thing. In fact, it’s the very reason why you should pay a visit to this charming 19th century river town, especially during the month of May. With its location tucked under the bluffs along the Mississippi River,

Still building, after all these years

Two decades ago, Wisconsin’s reliable electric grid, wasn’t June 11, 1997, barely missed being one of those dates people remember ruefully, thanks to the event that might have made it memorable beginning while most Americans were asleep and ending before they woke up. The event, a lightning strike disabling the only extra-high voltage transmission line

How to master the Internet of Things by taking control of your smart devices

If you ever want to see one of the biggest changes going on in the world today, look around your home. Your smartphone, video game, security camera, fitness bracelet, thermostat, and even your TV could be part of a vast, interconnected group of devices that goes by the clunky name of the Internet of Things.